Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong

Although that I don’t enjoy most food in Hong Kong, there is 1 food that made me loved it so much that I am so gonna stay at Hong Kong for 1 day just to eat it again.

Yes, that’s the super awesome rated 10.0/10 Temple’s street Cow’s Intestine Stew (庙街牛杂). However, due to I had to extend my stay 1 more day in China, leading me had to stayed in Hong Kong on Saturday instead of Friday, which unfortunately is also the Dragon Boat festival, which not only leading to most of the food I am going to eat is closed (Yes, including the Temple’s street Cow’s Intestine Stew! Damned!!!!), I also had to pay RM6xx for my room instead of RM4xx!!!!


Anyway, back from ranting, instead of staying in Casa Hotel at Yau Ma Tei, I stayed in Kings de Nathan Hotel instead since Casa Hotel is full on that day.

Since on that day itself is the  Dragon Boat festival, we checked out from our hotel at Shenzhen as early as possible, reaching Luohu border at around 7.30am to avoid the crowd. Luckily, it’s still early and passing the immigration is smooth and fast.

We arrived at Kings de Nathan hotel at around 9AM ++, which is just a 2 minute walk from the Yau Ma Tei MTR station.

The hotel entrance is small, same goes to the lobby. Also, we were told to pay a HKD500 for deposit in CASH. Yes, they don’t accept credit card for deposit, seriously wtfisthisshit? Since I am only in Hong Kong for 1 day, I don’t have much HKD on me, end up I just give them USD100 for deposit instead. Sigh.

Since it’s so early, obviously we can’t check in yet, so we just left our luggage and walk around.

2012.06.23 Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong

We were back at 1PM ++ and were told that we were given an upgrade room, which consist of a Queen Size bed and a single bed. Well, I doubt it matter much since the room is still small in size.

The bed ain’t that comfortable too.

2012.06.23 Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong-3

The room is does not include a refrigerator and safety box, but it does have pretty fast wireless broadband connection.

2012.06.23 Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong-6

The toilet is small too.

2012.06.23 Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong-4

Although it does have a separate shower room, but then it’s only separated by a curtain, which is pretty useless in terms of avoiding the whole toilet from being wet.

Also, the soap dispenser is spoilt, but since it’s just 1 night, I don’t bothered to complain too.

2012.06.23 Kings de Nathan Hotel @ Hong Kong-5

The room cost me RM636.91 per night, which is just ridiculous for it’s size, even if it’s at Hong Kong. However, the location of the hotel is pretty perfect. Just 2 minutes walk from the Yau Ma Tei MTR station, and it’s located at Temple street, which is famous for many foods and snacks.

Besides, the airport express bus (A21) also stopped very near to the hotel (less than 1 minute of walking), hence it’s very convenient when leaving Hong Kong

Total Damage: RM636.91 per night

Location:  Nathan Road,  Hong Kong

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