Shee Yan Assam Fish @ Muar

I had a chance to revisit Muar to attend 1 of my friend’s brother wedding dinner. I know, what’s got to do with me when it’s his brother wedding right?

Anyway, I just treat this as a makan trip for me…hehe.

My friend bring us to Shee Yaan Restaurant (喜燕楼), a famous restaurant in Muar that serve good Assam Fish.

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-29

First dish that being served is the Deep Fried Dragon Tongue Fish. The fish is very thin hence not much meat on it. We just ate it with soy sauce. Not bad la. 6.0/10

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-21

The O-Chien (Fried Oyster Omelette) . Also taste average, the stalls at the famous hawker street in Muar town is much much much better. 5.8/10

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-23

Deep fried squid….gahh…too many fried dishes liao. Again, taste wise is just so normal like you can get in any other restaurant. 5.5/10

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-24

Fried vegetables, which is so normal that I really got nothing to comment on it. 5.5/10

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-25

Finally, the famous Assam Fish,which is the recommended dish of the restaurant. However, I am really quite disappointed for me. Not to say that it’s taste bad, but since it’s so famous, I come with high expectations, but….

The taste of the soup is very bland, and it will be much better if it’s more sour and spicy. 5.8/10

2012.07.21 Travel @ Muar-27

Overall, not really a good experience here. However it seems to me that many Muar people love this place as it’s always pack with people during lunch hours!

Total Damage: Should be around RM70 for 5 people ( I am not the one paying, so not sure about the price)

Operating Hours: 11.00AM to 9.00PM

Location: 30 & 31, Jalan Pesta Baru 1, Pusat Perniagaan Pesta Baru (Jalan Bakri), Muar, Johor 84000

Google Map:

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