Great blogs that I follow, and hunt new place to eat


Chillout Soulout Freakout – RazorVista from LYN, ah moi banyak ooo


Lingzie’s Tummy Treats – Indian food lover, also offer many fine dining restaurant at Penang.

Look See Eat – Deodorant from LYN

Motormouth – Blogger from Ipoh, started to love this blog more and more

Penang Tua Pui – Mostly about food in Penang, had many reviews about good food in Penang where most outsiders don’t know.

Penang Deli – A growing blog that list out good food in Penang, together with links of review from several blogger for each place


Vkeong – My favorite food blog

What2See – Respected blogger, as someone like her, will eat as long as the food is good!


One thought on “Blogroll

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