Tasty Bak Gua @ Penang

Bak Gua, or Bak Kwa, or Malaysian Jerky is a Chinese delicacy here in Malaysia. It’s a salty sweet dried meat where Chinese eat it as snack, go with bread or alcohol, and also as gift during occasions. However, most of the time when people buy Bak Gua, they will go to those big franchise shop which I usually avoid. Reasons is those shop or big brands are too commercialized, and their Bak Gua are usually all machine made, which I hate!

So here I introduce you, Tasty Bak Gua at Penang.

tasty bak gua-1

The Bak Gua here is all barbecued using charcoal instead of using oven. The shop owner will barbecued it everyday to ensure what they sell is fresh!

tasty bak gua-2

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