Prego Sunday Bubbly Brunch @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

Before I started anything, I will say, Simply the best!

Yes, Prego’s Sunday Bubbly Brunch is simply the best ever buffet I ever had! Yes, it’s also one of the most pricey buffet, but again, it’s simply the best!

Yes, it’s a brunch, but they served nice wine and champagne.

Yes, it’s a brunch, but the amount and quality of food served is way more amazing than most other buffet dinner.

And again, Yes, I came here for my Christmas Eve Dinner, which it was also called the same name with the buffet they served every Sunday.

The champagne which I forgotten the name….. Nice! Free flow of it. You also have a choice of 2 type of red wine, 2 type of white wine or beer if champagne is not your cup of tea.

20101225 Prego Bubbly Brunch-8

Diners here are being pampered, as it’s not your traditional buffet style where you need to walk up to the counter and take your food. Neither is you given a menu to choose the food you want. Instead, once we have our seat, the waiter started to bring up foods and foods and foods.  The seafood blah blah blah soup is amazing.

20101225 Prego Bubbly Brunch-10

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Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe @ Penang

Rasa sayang, hey! Rasa sayang sayang hey,
Hey lihat nona jauh, rasa sayang sayang hey.

Nope, not the controversy song that lead to some Indonesians people whom threatened to go to war with Malaysia if Malaysia did not drop their claim on the origins of the song la. The Rasa Sayang here is a hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. I had heard that the buffet dinner here is quite awesome, as good as the one in Sarkies corner, and hence, here I am!

When I saw the mountain high fruits, the first thing that strike my mind is “Yay! Free flow fresh fruit juice is back!” Unfortunately it’s not, you have to pay for it.

Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe Buffet @ Penang-13

Although the salad corner do offer more choices than others, but Sarkies Corner offer double of what was offer here.

Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe Buffet @ Penang-6

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Kampachi Japanese Restaurant Buffet @ Equatorial Hotel, Penang

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Equatorial Hotel, Penang is definitely 1 of the top top Japanese restaurant in Penang. However, it had been years since I last visit them. Reason is although it’s worth paying, but the price here is still consider higher if compare to those budget Japanese restaurant (No I ain’t talking about Sissy King and Sakai Sushi) that mushroom everywhere in town.

Besides the normal À la carte menu, Kamapchi do offer buffet lunch and dinner during weekends @ RM62++ for lunch, and RM86++ for dinner, which is something very famous among Penangties, leading it to be always full house during weekends.

The main buffet hall and dining hall. I sorta like the design here, very cozy and even when it’s pack with people, you won’t find that it’s too crowded. Yes, you can see most of the table are still empty, but it’s just because those that reserved are still taking their time to come, while me as the hungry ghost is starting to hunt for food already!

2010.03.20 Kampachi Japanese Buffet @ Penang-1

The sushi room, separated from the main hall. It’s quite small, but fit in just nice.

2010.03.20 Kampachi Japanese Buffet @ Penang-3

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Sarkies Corner Wine & Dine buffet @ E&O Hotel Penang

I had heard many people saying that buffet at E&O hotel in Penang is great, and since its New Year day, it’s time to have some feast!

We were greeted by loads of seafood just at the entrance of Sarkies Corner.

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