Red Pearl Restaurant @ Sungai Petani

Curry fish head, yea, many of my closer friends will link curry fish head to me, as I am such a huge curry fish head fan. The same goes to the owner and waiter of this particular shop – Red Pearl Restaurant in my hometown, Sungai Petani. Whenever I visit this shop, they will know for sure 1 of the dish I order will be curry fish head, and 99.9% of the time I never fail them. There is once I went and didn’t order it, and they were sorta shocked and asked again, you don’t want it?

Some might say I am crazy, for keep on repeating the same food at the same restaurant, well, can’t help it, as the curry fish head here is something I ate since I was small, and it’s definitely something I will keep on eating it until the shop close down or I no more longer live in this world, well, or at least until 1 day their quality dropped dramatically.

So here I am, AGAIN, sitting at the same table AGAIN. For the starters, we order Ice Green Tea and Chocolate Ice. Yea, the green tea is not green, neither it taste like Japanese green tea. Mainly because this restaurant is opened and operate by Taiwanese who had migrated to Malaysia. The owner of the shop is actually my ex-neighbor, but this is not an invited review, nor I get any special discount everytime I came here (and yes, food here ain’t that cheap).

2010.03.17 Red Pearl Restaurant @ Sungai Petani -1

My lovely curry fish head, it’s really yummy, and really awesome to go with rice. The curry is thick, the aroma makes me fly, ah…….yummy. Yes, the meat might be mostly fish meat only rather than giving you the whole big head, but still, it’s lovely, and each time I was there, the fish served is fresh.

2010.03.17 Red Pearl Restaurant @ Sungai Petani -2

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