Wong Kee Restaurant @ Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

While I and LY are walking around from our hotel, I accidentally saw this. Is this not some place where in Hong Kong drama, where they will come here and to have some nice food and drink?!

Hence, since both of us haven’t have our dinner yet, we head straight to it!

20111018 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-94

The menu is full of dishes, and I totally don’t know what to order. Everything is ordered based by instinct. And luckily, no waiter stand besides us, using his mind force to push us to order ASAP. I slowly read around the menu, but still I am being overwhelmed on what to order.

20111018 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-93

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Lan Je Steamed Tilapia Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

Up till now, after 1 year and 7 months of blogging, I rarely posted the same food in the same restaurant, up till now.

Again, here I present, the single food that I loved the most in the central region, the most mouth watering, and consider my top of the list food to be eated every time I go down to Kuala Lumpur, Lan Je Steamed Tilapia!!!!

20110321 Lan Jie Steamed Tilapia @ Kota Damansara-8

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Tho Yuen Restaurant @ Penang

Tho Yuen, an old restaurant which are famous for their Dim Sum at Campbell Street, Penang. If I am not mistaken, they did featured in HoChak quite some time ago. However, since it’s already lunch time, I came here not for their Dim Sum, but some other stuff.

Although the restaurant was just newly repainted, but it still gives me an old old feeling when I am here.

2010.05.23 Tho Yuen Restaurant @ Penang-5

Since we are in a chicken rice restaurant, ordering chicken is a must right? So here are the chickens, both the roasted and the steamed one.

However, the chicken is sorta disappointment. When you dine in a restaurant named as XXX chicken rice restaurant, you will definitely expect the chicken will be good, as it is definitely their signature dish. However, this does not apply to Tho Yuen here. No, I am not complaining that their chicken is bad, just that it’s too normal and average, nothing special to shout about. Maybe the chicken RICE is good, but we didn’t try it though. 7.0/10

2010.05.23 Tho Yuen Restaurant @ Penang-1

Forget the chicken, this is what I came here for.

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Rung Reang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra

Jitra, the 4th largest town in Kedah after Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Kulim do have few famous restaurant selling Thai food, and due to the close proximity to the Thai border, the Thai food served is authentic and good.

One of the most famous restaurant is Rung Reang, a restaurant even known by few of my friends from Kuala Lumpur.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-3

The crowd here is amazing. We reach there around at 9 PM, and almost all table were full. We were also told that we need to wait quite long for our food.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-2

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