Prego @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

After shopping around Pavilion, both me and LY are quite tired and I decided that we have something light at Prego.

Since it’s around 3pm, we only get the tea-time menu, yet I am happy with it, since we just want to have something light.

The bread is nice, love the tomato blah blah sauce! 6.5/10

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-9

Gamberi alla Griglia con Mandorle e Peperoni @ RM40. Errr….???  Well, according to the menu it’s grilled prawns with rosemary, capsicum, almonds and cannellini beans. 6.5/10

Well, anyway, I am content with it and it’s way much worth and better than the Prawn Salad I have at Latest Recipe @ Le’ Merididen.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-11

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Chin’s Stylish Restaurant @ Penang

Fine dining (or something closed to, whatever your definition on fine dining is) are rare to come about in Penang, it’s even rarer if it’s Chinese cuisine. Come to think of it, I don’t think I had ever indulge in a fine dining restaurant that serves Chinese food. Does Ah Yatt Abalone Restaurant counts?

Hence, I am so damned excited when I learned about Chin’s Stylist Chinese Cuisine is about to open at Tanjong City Marina in Penang.

20101102 Chin's Chinese Cuisine @ Penang-2

The ambiance here is amazing, loads of stylish artwork, superbly beautiful hand painted dining plates which you can buy, whole list of red and white wine to pair with your dinner. You will truly experience a casual and elegant dining here, and with the great hospitality from Sam Chin, it just make dining here great!

By saving all the fuss on what to order, Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine offer several set menu for their customers, price ranging from RM78++ to RM218++ per person. The RM78++ and RM88++ set requires 2 person minimum, while the more expansive set requires at least 4 or more.

After reading through the menu, I decided to give the RM88++ set a go.

20101102 Chin's Chinese Cuisine @ Penang

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Suffolk House @ Penang

No, I am not visiting someone who is extremely rich, or visit a museum, this is Suffolk House, where I came to fill my tummy up. Just if you don’t know, Suffolk House was the first “Great House of Penang”, and serves as the residence of Francis Light, the founder of the British settlement on the Penang Island. It served as Goverment House in the 1810-20’s and critical political issues, such as the founding of Singapore was discussed here.

The environment here is really great, especially for a crowded place like Penang, where land is limited. By judging so many old trees around, and even a river (Air Itam River) beside it, one will think that it is located totally out of George Town, which was not.

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32 at the Mansion @ Penang

Thanks to Nicole, I know about this place. Penang is not like KL, where you can find fine dining place easily. From her blog, the place is lovely as it was in a historic building, and with big parking space! Besides, it’s located just beside the sea too. So when Christmas came, I called up and make a reservation for Christmas eve.

The beautiful building of where 32 at the mansion located in.

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