Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam

A person can be given the best ingredient, the best cooking tools, the world most craved for recipe, but if he ain’t got the passion to cook, or just don’t have enough skill, the outcome of the dish just won’t taste nice.

Some dishes are just so wonderful when you look at it, or theoretically will be awesome when you heard of it, but the outcome might not be the same.

Crab meat hor fun, how wonderful? By the looks at it, the amount of crab meat given and char siew are generous. Besides, it looks colorful too, if only there are more greens on it. Something like this should be awesome!

20101127 Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam-7

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Ngan Woh Steamed fish and Sar Kot @ Ipoh

When my dad first tell me that this place served nice steamed fish head for breakfast, I was quite shocked. What? Steamed fish for breakfast??? Fish head somemore?

However, ever since I ate there for the first time, Ngan Woh Coffee Shop at Bercham had become 1 of the few places that I will have my breakfast whenever I am at Ipoh.

The young man here is the main cook.

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