Hong Yu Xuan Xiang La Xie @ Zhuhai, China

As a Chinese, I absolutely love Chinese food. I would love to try all the Chinese food around in China as each places in China, they will have different type of speciality that’s might be totally different from the other.

However, almost 99% of my friend who went to China, they all came back and whine about how sucks the food there is. However, that’s also because 99% of them who went to China, they all follow tour, and as far as I know, if you follow a tour for any trip, the food is usually 99% sucks to the max.

Most Malaysians also complaint that food in China is wayyyy too oily, but you might have to take note that in China, they uses chopsticks and rarely use spoon. They don’t pour the gravy on their rice like what we always do.

And hence, I always have faith for food in China. Luckily, even since the first time I visited Zhuhai, I am in loved with the food here. This particular restaurant – Hong Yu Xuan, which served authentic Szechuan (川菜)is my absolute favourite restaurant when I am in Zhuhai.

Century egg, also being listed as 1 of the most disgusting food by CNN is 1 of the must order appetizer here. I am not a huge fan of century egg back at Malaysia, mainly because we either eat it plain like that, or fried it when eating lor bak.

However, the century egg here are dip with the chilli oil and chillies on top just make this an amazinnnng appetizer. Absolutely perfect! 8.8/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-3

Their steamed grill fish is also 1 of the signature dish here. The fish itself is briefly grilled before it was steamed. It’s a bit spicy and taste a little sweet, but overall, very nice. However, since most of the fish here are grass carb, a freshwater fish with loads of bones, it’s a minor setback.  7.0/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-5

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Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant @ Autocity Penang

Chinese cuisine, usually refers to food originates from China. However, as China extends to such a huge area in Asia, with twenty-two provinces, five autonomous regions, and four municipalities (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) in it, each provinces having different type of cultures and even climate since they are separated thousands of miles away, surely the people there will have different taste buds, and hence the birth of different type of cuisines in China.

Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant @ Autocity Penang-13

The 4 Great Traditions of Chinese cuisines are Cantonese, Huaiyang, Shandong and Szechuan. Malaysia’s Chinese food are heavily influenced by the Cantonese cuisine, for example sweet and sour pork, Char Siew and Won Ton. Huaiyang and Shandong cuisine however are not as popular to Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine here in Malaysia,with representative such as Duck Egg and Pork Porridge, Yangzhou Fried Rice (both from Huaiyang) and Peiking duck (Shandong cuisine). For me myself, I love Szechuan cuisine, and it’s greatly influenced by the anime Cooking Master Boy!

Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant @ Autocity Penang-12

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