Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang

The last time I was here at Kimberley street, I notice there is this restaurant fully loaded with black heads inside, well, as in human heads with black hair la. A peek inside, and I notice most of the table got something very tall, which is actually a pot for steamboat. I don’t understand what’s the need to make the pot such high though, anyone can enlightened me? :p

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-14

We reach there early at around 6pm, and the whole restaurant seems empty, right? It was until when we were eating halfway, and I overheard the staff tell some customer that inside already full, and they had to setup table outside the restaurant for them. Then only I notice, all the other table inside the restaurant are already reserved!!

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-18

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Restaurant Toipark Village @ Penang

Yay for another Taiwanese food here in Penang. I actually get to know this restaurant from PenangTuaPui, and again, the food they recommend doesn’t disappoints me!

We reach there around 8.00pm, and am quite surprise that there ain’t any customer inside. The design of the shop is very simple and pinkish. Besides, it’s run by Taiwanese as the lady boss ascent show it all. So hopefully I will get to taste some authentic Taiwanese food here.

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