La Bodega @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Unlike most people who are happy with French Fries or fried chicken wing when drinking, I am not. I always hate it when the bar I went served mediocre to lousy food, or those with limited choice and expansive. While those that served good food the choice of beer will be limited or expansive.

Luckily, La Bodega is the saviour,  unluckily the nearest La Bodega is like 400km far from my house. Sigh…..

The thing I love about La Bodega is the wide choice of finger food aka Tapas, which is inexpensive and in good quality. The choices of wine, cocktail and beer is amazing too.

20101226 La Bogeda @ Kuala Lumpur-7

For the starters, I and LY opt for the Mediterranean Style Seafood Soup @ RM26 which is quite appetizing, prepare our stomach for the upcoming dish. 8.0/10

20101226 La Bogeda @ Kuala Lumpur-12

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