Tim Hou Wan Dim Sum @ Mong Kok, Hong Kong

People are always talking how good the dim sum in Hong Kong, and how it will smoke’s those in Malaysia and such. However, I only remember how sucks the dim sum are when I follow a tour to Hong Kong at 2009.

Hence, this time, I make sure myself visit the single most popular and opted as the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong by many people, Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum, which is also a Michelin starred restaurant.

Oh, they are the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant too from what I search.

20111016 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)

I also had read about the long queues to dine here. Luckily, you don’t need to be in Queue. Just go and grab a number, and come back at a later time.

Oh, a thing to note yes, nearby the shop, is a boy’s heaven. Boys? Well, it sold loads of toys that guys like, especially RC cars and guns. Yes, those air guns. Man, just look at those superbly crafted guns is an art. Ranging from pistols to snipers. Too bad, I can’t bring it back to Malaysia or else I will DEFINITELY get one!!!!

20111016 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-3
Oh….look at how small our tables are!!
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Macau Tsui Yuen Restaurant @ Mong Kok, Hong Kong

For the past 3 visits, I visited Hong Kong with absolutely zero research. Hence, I am absolutely fed-up with the sub par food I tried at Hong Kong. Hence, this time, I came prepared……sorta.

1 particular person helped me a lot on planning my itinerary, which is Northasian, the forum + blog owner of AllAboutHongKong. Just go over her (I think….) forum, and you can ask her for advice, all for free and most importantly, prompt and good advice. Thanks again, Northasian.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-21
It’s a food court in the Mong Kok Cooked Food Market, and finding a place to sit is real hard…..even when ‘dap toi’ aka sharing table with others. 

The first thing 1 should do at Hong Kong is definitely getting the Octopus card. It’s something similar as our Touch n Go card, but far more convenient since many vendors are accepting it. I get 1 each for me and LY for the sake of convenient purpose of KTM rides.

I also straight away reload HKD500 for my octopus card since I heard that many restaurants accept Octopus card for payment. Also, I can use it at 7-11, and best part, by paying just a bit, I can cash back all the leftover amount in the card anytime I want.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-20
For most of the food stalls here, you were need to collect your food yourself. But I was told that they will sent it to me when it was ready. However, the wait is so long (around 20 minutes) that we wonder, is it that I listen wrongly? LY went and asked again, and we are assured that they will sent it to us when it’s done.

It’s usually easy for me to hunt for food since I am using GPS ( Thanks a lot to guys from Malsing and Malfree). Just set it and go.

But it’s totally different in Hong Kong. Without Papago, I am helpless. I did subscribe to the PCCW wireless, where there are over 9000 hotspot in all over Hong Kong. BUT it’s still not convenient at all. The range of wifi is so short, and hence I can’t really use google map with it. 3G is so much a win over wifi.

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