Barchua House @ Wanchai, Hong Kong

This small restaurant caught my eye when I first walk past it. It’s located very very near to my hotel, and I will have to pass by it whenever I am heading to Causeway Bay MTR station.

Well, I am always attracted to Szechuan cuisine anyway.

20111019 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-30

It was already our last day in Hong Kong. We already checked out from the hotel, and while waiting for the bus to pick us up, here am I!

I opt for medium spiciness level due to I have a flight to catch later on, if not I think I am so gonna challenge their spiciest version. Yes, they do provide challenges although I don’t know what will one win from it.

20111019 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-26

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Honolulu Coffee Shop @ Wanchai, Hong Kong

It’s been since almost 3 months since my last update here. My Hong Kong trip is still yet to be updated till now and hence here I am back and punching again. No, not using fist ya…

After finish visiting the Hong Kong Electronic Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, both me and LY are tired. The Convention Centre is HUGE and we tried to have some snack before back to our hotel.

While trying to walk to our target destination, the Honolulu Coffee Shop at Hennessy Road, Wanchai, we failed yet again in finding it. So after some walking, again, I decided that taking a cab is the best way. I really spend too much money on taxi fares during this Hong Kong trip.

It was around 4PM, and the shop is still full with customers, and we still need to share our table with others.

The drinks are nice.

20111016 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-59

One bite on the French toast makes me pull the poker face as it’s almost tasteless. Then only I noticed that I need to pour the syrup which is available on the table itself then it taste gooding! 7.0/10

20111016 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-60

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Wifi Boutique Hotel @ Wanchai, Hong Kong

We stay in Zhuhai for 3 nights, which we never really have much time to explore. LY do have some time to do some shopping at the huge underground shopping centre (拱北地下广场) which is located under the Gongbei border. We also went to Lianhua Lu (莲花路), while LY continue her shopping while I went for a foot massage.

4 days 3 nights in Zhuhai (include 1 day in Macau) end so fast, and we are back to the Zhuhai Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal (九洲港) to take a ferry to HK-Macau Ferry Terminal (港澳码头), Hong Kong.

Our ferry is 9am, and hence after we purchased the ticket, we have our breakfast at KFC. The pork burger tasted amazingly good, even better than the one I had at Macau as it’s juicier! Yummy.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-11

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