Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai, China

Man Ting Xiang (满庭湘) is one of my favourite restaurant in Zhuhai, China. It’s a franchise restaurant served delicious Hunan Cuisine (湖南菜).

Hunan cuisine is also one of the eight most famous regional cuisines in China. It’s well known for it’s hot spicy flavour and deep aroma. Although it’s hot and spicy, but the taste is very different from Malaysia’s curry, or the sour spicy type at Thailand.

I really miss Hunan cuisine every time I am back in Malaysia, and I really hope that I can find authentic Hunan cuisine here in Malaysia. However, I guess it will not be easy because most of the ingredients they used are very different from us, especially the chilli they used.

Some famous chain restaurant in Malaysia did try to served Hunan Cuisine in Malaysia before, too bad they failed badly, and in my opinion, it just tarnished the image of Hunan Cuisine.

I also noticed that, most more established restaurants in Zhuhai, their service quality is really miles ahead compare to most in Malaysia. For example, it was raining heavily when I arrived at this Man Ting Xiang restaurant, and I was thinking that I am gonna be real wet when I am out of the taxi.

However, there were already someone waiting by the road side with a huge umbrella waiting to shelter us in. I noticed that the waiter actually waited outside the restaurant, and if they ever see any potential stopped in front of their restaurant, they will walk up to them and shelter them in.

In Malaysia? Unless you are a VVIP or else, bring your own damned umbrella they will say.

Back from rantz, Chinese white wine is a must for me for every dinner. Too bad, not much people know how to appreciate it. 😦

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai
Pork dishes which I forgotten the name, which taste quite good. 6.5/10

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai-3

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Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai is located in the Canton province of China, hence many restaurants here are serving Canton Cuisine (粤菜), one of the 4 major subdivisions cuisine in China.

Fresh live seafood is prominent in Canton cuisine, and according to them, fresh live seafood are best cooked with by steaming, with only little used of seasoning to bring out the natural sweetness of live seafood.

While most authentic Cantonese cuisine restaurants have live seafood tanks in their restaurants, Wanchai Seafood Street in Zhuhai bring it up to another level.

There are more than 10 restaurants serving authentic Cantonese cuisine here, and while all the restaurants here does not have live seafood tanks, behind these restaurants are a whole stretch of stalls selling all sorts of live seafood.

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-2

Walking past here is just like walking at Petaling Street in Malaysia where you are being shouted to asked you visit their shop, telling you that they are offering the cheapest price or even sell you are a price that they actually making a lost. It’s really a mess as since I visited this place during lunch where there are not much customers, we are the target of every stalls here.

However, it’s also a wonderful experience since many seafood sold here are not sold in almost every wet market in Malaysia. Most of them I don’t even know their name.

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai

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Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai, China

I had been to Zhuhai few times, and almost every time I stayed in the same hotel, which is Hua Yi Mun Fu hotel (华羽民富酒店) at Gongbei.

Although the hotel is only rated 3 star, but in my opinion it beats most 4 star hotel in Malaysia. The standard of star rating in each country really differs a lot.

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai

It’s a nice clean hotel, and the television have like more than 40 channels in it.

There’s also a convenience store located just beside the hotel which you can literally buy most of the necessities there including snacks, beer and my favourite chinese white wine. All of them are reasonably priced.

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai-2

The toilet is quite large too with separate shower room. Although they do provide free toiletries, but they do have few packs of toiletries for sale at the bathroom if you wish to purchase it. The cheapest one is only RMB6, which is like RM3?

Also, unlike most hotels in Malaysia when they charge you RM8 or even more for a can of coke for the mini bar, most hotel’s mini bar snacks/drinks are reasonably priced, maybe like RMB1 more expansive than you bought at convenience store. I really wonder, why must hotels in Malaysia charged so much for a can of coke, or kit kat? Damned.

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Hong Yu Xuan Xiang La Xie @ Zhuhai, China

As a Chinese, I absolutely love Chinese food. I would love to try all the Chinese food around in China as each places in China, they will have different type of speciality that’s might be totally different from the other.

However, almost 99% of my friend who went to China, they all came back and whine about how sucks the food there is. However, that’s also because 99% of them who went to China, they all follow tour, and as far as I know, if you follow a tour for any trip, the food is usually 99% sucks to the max.

Most Malaysians also complaint that food in China is wayyyy too oily, but you might have to take note that in China, they uses chopsticks and rarely use spoon. They don’t pour the gravy on their rice like what we always do.

And hence, I always have faith for food in China. Luckily, even since the first time I visited Zhuhai, I am in loved with the food here. This particular restaurant – Hong Yu Xuan, which served authentic Szechuan (川菜)is my absolute favourite restaurant when I am in Zhuhai.

Century egg, also being listed as 1 of the most disgusting food by CNN is 1 of the must order appetizer here. I am not a huge fan of century egg back at Malaysia, mainly because we either eat it plain like that, or fried it when eating lor bak.

However, the century egg here are dip with the chilli oil and chillies on top just make this an amazinnnng appetizer. Absolutely perfect! 8.8/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-3

Their steamed grill fish is also 1 of the signature dish here. The fish itself is briefly grilled before it was steamed. It’s a bit spicy and taste a little sweet, but overall, very nice. However, since most of the fish here are grass carb, a freshwater fish with loads of bones, it’s a minor setback.  7.0/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-5

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Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel @ Zhuhai, China

It’s been some time since I went oversea for holiday. Well, I do went over to Zhuhai, China around twice per year, but every time it’s purely for business and usually I don’t have time to explore around at all.

Finally, 2 weeks ago, I am able to squeeze a small trip to Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong.

Well, since the name Zhuhai appear again, it just means that this is not a pure holiday trip, but it’s a combination of holiday + business trip. I wonder, when only I will have a pure holiday trip out of Malaysia eh? My last pure holiday trip is also in Hong Kong, which was 2 years back, and no…..Danok is NOT overseas, neither that I counted it as out of Malaysia too…….

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-6
Chee Cheong Fun with some shrimps and soy sauce only. It will be wonderful if inside have prawns and char siew, too bad. 6.0/10

Hong Kong is basically the country I visited the most, even more than Thailand. Although I only went to Hong Kong for holidays 4 times up till today (twice during my secondary years), but almost every time when I visited Zhuhai, I will take a flight from Penang to Hong Kong, and then only take a ferry to Zhuhai, China.

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-8

Har Ji Mee aka shrimp roe noodles. While the noodle itself taste good where it’s really hard to find noodles with this type of texture in Malaysia, it really tasted too bland. It’s just plain noodle with some shrimp roe on it, which makes it quite tasteless in my opinion. 6.0/10

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