Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi

After the 4 hours island hoping, both me and LY are sorta exhausted already. However, since both of us have a bad breakfast, we both agree that we should have something better before we check in our hotel.

Driving around Cenang beach, and Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant certainly caught my eye.

However, nobody bother to served us or acknowledge that we will be served soon when we are here. Only 1 waiter is taking orders, and no other waiter are to be seen. We sat for almost 10 minutes before someone finally come to us. I am still amazed on my patience, maybe I am too tired? Hmm….

20120407 2012.04.07 Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi

Luckily, the food here is good. The Tom Yam fish here reminds me of my all time favourite Tom Yam at my home town, which already closed down few years back. I am happy that I can finally try something similar here again! 8.8/10

20120407 2012.04.07 Sawadee Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi-4

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Island Hoping @ Langkawi

After our breakfast at Nasi Kandar Tomato, we stroll around the quiet Cenang Beach and then head to AB motel which is just nearby at 9AM. We have to wait a while since some are late. Then, hoping into a van, we were taken to a quiet beach near The Lanai, Langkawi.

A speedboat is already waiting us there, prepare to take us to our first destination.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi

After 15 minutes or so, 24 of us arrived safely at Pantai Beras Basah. Since there is no proper dock when you enter and exit the boat here, dress appropriately as your legs will be wet.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-3

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Nasi Kandar Tomato @ Langkawi

Most of the sea activities at Langkawi, which include the Island Hoping, Mangrove tour and Pulau Payar starts at 9AM. Hence, since we are staying at Kuah, we have to wake up early to reach the met up point by 9AM.

Hence, LY woke up at around 6.15AM, while me? I can’t get a good sleep, maybe too excited? I am awake since 3AM++ and playing games in the room LOL.

Anyway, we checked out our hotel at 7.15AM, arriving Cenang beach at 7.45AM or so, only to noticed that most shop, even those that are selling breakfast are still closed! I decided to wait until 8AM and see what happens, only noticed that most of them are still closed…….

Hence, instead of buying packets of Nasi Lemak by the road side, without much choice, we head to Nasi Kandar Tomato for our breakfast.

Although it’s early, but several dishes are already ready. Too bad, it doesn’t taste good. 4.5/10

20120407 2012.04.07 Nasi Kandar Tomato @ Langkawi-2

The Tandori Ayam is just average. 5.5/10

20120407 2012.04.07 Nasi Kandar Tomato @ Langkawi-4

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Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi

Continue from Day 1 – Hotel Asia

After finish our bath, I and LY head straight out of the hotel for dinner. We choose Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine at Kuah town. Just after we reached and sat down, it started to rain heavily, which totally messed up our plan to visit the night market.

Since beer is really cheap at Langkawi, I already wallop 1 can of Budweiser while ordering our food.

Kam Heong Crab which tasted not bad. 7.0/10

20120407 2012.04.06 Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi-4

Fried Yau Mak with Fu Yue is above average too. 7.2/10

20120407 2012.04.06 Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi-5

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Hotel Asia @ Langkawi

Continue from Day 1 – Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park @ Langkawi

It was almost 6PM already when we checked in at Hotel Asia located at Kuah town. Both I and LY are really tired as we both waked up very early, and the tiring climb to Seven Wells.

Hotel Asia is a small but very new hotel located in the main town of Langkawi. It’s very easy to locate as it’s just by the road.

Since it’s just a simple budget hotel, the lobby is small and simply. Check in is fast too and we were given a room at the ground floor. Oh ya, RM50 is given too for key deposit.

20120407 2012.04.06 Hotel Asia @ Langkawi-5

While the room is small, the room is very clean which suits it’s purpose. The bed is not so comfortable, but good enough for us since we are only staying here for 1 night.

20120407 2012.04.06 Hotel Asia @ Langkawi-3

The toilet is clean and new too. I hated it at first sight because it’s not divided. I hated to do big business with a wet floor.

However, I instantly fall in love with this toilet once I shower in it. Man, the shower is really really powerful, the most powerful one for any hotel that I stayed in my life. It’s really such a joy to bath when you are so tired and smelly with sweat.

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Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park @ Langkawi

Continue from Day 1 – Black Sand Beach & Air Hangat Village @ Langkawi

I am not an animal lover, neither I do find that visiting zoo or anything similar to it is interested. However, ever read Zhishan90’s post about this Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park in Langkawi, I think I might as well pay them a visit since LY is quite an animal lover.

One thing good about Langkawi is, most of it’s major attraction is located by the roadside, hence it’s really easy to find and hard to miss out.

The entrance ticket is RM12 per person (show them your Mycard to get RM12 price), and just before you enter the park, you get to take pictures with some birds where the bird will stand on your fingers/hand. However, to purchase the picture cost a whooping RM35 (for a single picture) if I remember correctly.

Directly after you enter the park, you get to see a small stall selling packets of food. It contains different types of food in each packet, and then you will get to see how picky animals are on choosing their food.

20120407 2012.04.06 Bird Paradise & Wildlfe Park @ Langkawi

The first bird we saw and get to feed is this cute little parrot. She love’s kuaci and will pick 1 from your hand, slowly open it and eat the nut inside and then continue to pick another from your hand.

She won’t bother to eat anything other than kuaci, and it’s really a great experience in feeding it.

20120407 2012.04.06 Bird Paradise & Wildlfe Park @ Langkawi-5

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Black Sand Beach & Air Hangat Village @ Langkawi

Continue from Day 1 – First few hours arriving Langkawi and Seven Wells @ Langkawi

We then continue to drive around Langkawi, up to the North West part of Langkawi. In this post, it’s pretty much a rant on how bad the government is doing in maintaining tourist attraction.

They might have spend millions of dollars trying to develop some tourist attraction, but spend absolutely zero effort on maintaining it.

So here we come, have a guess, what’s the building below for?

20120406 2012.04.06 Black Sand Beach & Air Hangat Village @ Langkawi

It’s a god damned toilet! It’s the toilet of the once famous black sand beach! While the bungalow style toilet looks so nice and big from outside, the ladies toilet is locked up!!!!

Below is the once famous black sand beach, which if I remember correctly, 15 ++ years ago, the sand is mostly black, while now, just partly of them is black.

20120406 2012.04.06 Black Sand Beach & Air Hangat Village @ Langkawi-2

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