Annathai Kitchen Thai Economy Rice @ Penang

Economy rice is found everywhere, as it’s to cater people who just want to grab a fast lunch or maybe dinner, and most importantly, not paying too much on it. It’s sorta Malaysian version of fast food, as in fast fast food. Hence, most economy rice stall are found in normal coffee shop only, without bother much about the place of dining.

However, Annathai Kitchen at Pulau Tikus, Penang is doing something different. Not only it’s located inside a house which give you some small little cafe style feeling when you are inside, it also serve Thai food instead of the normal Chinese food we found in most economy rice stall.

20100807 Annathai Kitchen @ Penang-25

Due to LY is a Siam Laksa freak, and as long as it’s on the menu, she will order it. And yes, although Annathai Kitchen is selling economy rice, they do have a small menu for few other Thai dishes that you can order.

The Siam laksa here come with a very different setting from what you usually get when you order a bowl of noodle.Yea, we have to mix all the ingredients including the noodles ourself, and the only reasons I see them doing this is they can speed up their preparation time only. However, this had certainly lead to the noodles and ingredients are not hot enough when served, especially the soup is not piping hot too.

However, the Siam Laksa here is still good. It only cost RM3 but it taste really really good. LY even say that this is her favorite now as it taste much more better than the one at Tan Jetty.

I beg to differ though. Besides, although the first time we ate it was awesome, and when we return here after 2 weeks, the standard drop a lot. Consistency is very important for anyone in F&B business, and if you can’t freaking maintain your standard it’s a fail. All of us were disappointed one our 2nd trip and surely I will come back again once soon to see what happened in the next trip. (8.5 for 1st trip, 6.8 for 2nd trip)

20100807 Annathai Kitchen @ Penang

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Sin Hwa Char Koay Teow @ Penang

Char Koay Teow, Char Koay Teow, Char Koay Teow, all in Penang, served the best. So, which Char Koay Teow stall this time?

2010.06.18 Sin Hwa Char Koay Teow @ Penang-1

It’s Sin Hwa Char Koay Teow, 1 of the top 3 in Char Koay Teow Penang according to some folks. This small old shop is located directly opposite of the Pulau Tikus Police Station.

2010.06.18 Sin Hwa Char Koay Teow @ Penang-4

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