Ah’ Basri Satay @ Penang

UPDATED on 16/04/2010:

Ah’ Basri Satay had moved permanently to D’ Piazza Mall at Bayan Lepas area (Jalan Mahsuri near PISA). Since is located inside a complex, the restaurant feel is something like Old Town Kopitiam now. Well, can’t say it’s bad but I sorta prefer their old shop style. Besides, ever since they move here, their business seems improved a lot, thus lead to customer service become lacking. Now you will have to order and pay at the counter 1st, and not like last time where you can just sit there and wait. This is not a problem for your 1st order, but if you were want to make more order, going to the counter again (especially if you are sitting upstairs) is quite troublesome. Also, the satay served was not hot at all. Sad to say, Ah’ Basri is never the same Ah’ Basri again.

Ah’ Basri Satay, some say serves the best satay in Penang. Besides, they do serve something really special, Horse Satay. Yes, you see it correctly, it’s horse. I personally never heard of any other restaurant serving horse meat, let alone in the form of Satay!

It’s interesting to see someone actually set up a shop to sell satay alone as normally people will just set up a small stall selling it. Besides, Ah’ Basri Satay is quite cozy to dine in if you compare to other place that sell satay. Clean environment with plants around the sitting area is another thumbs up too. Another good thing about here is they do provide a small parking area for their customers, however if you come too late it will most likely full.

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