Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Almost on every of my trip down to Kuala Lumpur, I will definitely stopped by at Ipoh for breakfast. Breakfast in Ipoh are just so wonderful, with so many choice of great food, how I wish my stomach can fill in more stuff. However, one thing for sure, I will never stopped by Ipoh for lunch since I don’t know where to go. :p

The new Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant which is located very near to it’s old outlet.

20110319 Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh-19

However, although choices are there, but it seems that those famous one will always and always be full on customers any day. Most of the time you will be fighting for a place to sit if you arrive any time between 7.45 AM and 10 Am.

Fried shrimp roll with mayonnaise, normal like what served in any other Dim Sum restaurant. 7.0/10

20110319 Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh-3

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Golden Point Pau Langkap @ Ipoh

I think most of us know that whenever a tour bus bring us to some place and tell us something is good there, chances are high that it will turn out bad. This is mainly due to travel agents or tour guides will get huge amount of commission if they bring people to visit the shop, hence even if the food is bad, they will still say is good and bring you there.

However, there is always exception.


Although this place is famous among tour buses, but the Pau Langkap here is good stuff unlike others. You get to choose the filling you want from the huge menu hanging on the stall itself.


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Wong Fee Kee Roasted Pork @ Ipoh

During the 5th day of Chinese New Year, I went down to Ipoh, and I never expect such many people are there! I reach Ipoh at around 10.30am, and decided to have my breakfast, only to found out that 3 of the usual place I had my breakfast in Ipoh – Yee Fat, Lou Wong/Ong Kee and another coffee shop near UOB bank there is full with loads of people are standing waiting for empty table!

This is madness! At 10.30am, most people usually already finish their breakfast, and still too early for lunch, but why is this happening!

Finally, I decided to try to the Pig’s Offals Porridge that Motormouth recommend, only to find out they haven’t start business yet!! End up I had to patron Ngan Woh again. Sigh, it’s really a bad day for me as before this, I already made a huge detour. I actually wanted to go to Jalan Lapangan Terbang, so I use the Pantai Hospital exit. In the end, as I made the wrong turn, I end up in Tanjung Rambutan and Bercham……… sigh oh sigh…..

Anyway, after steamed fish…….


The yummy looking roasted pork at Wong Fee Kee, really fatty and yummy delicious looking.


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Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa @ Ipoh

I really wanted to kick myself as hard as I can when I first try the Tau Fu Fa (Soyabean curd) here at Funny Mountain. Reason is because the Tau Fu Fa here is so dammed good, as in godly good but I only know it not long ago, while I been patronizing Ong Kee and Lou Wong which is just few steps away from it for years.

Yes, a few people do tell me before that the Tau Fu Fa here is good, and yes every time I walk pass I do so people queuing up, but I never bother to try, because I am always thinking, duh, just a Tau Fu Fa la, how good can it be, until the day I try it, I really really regretted for not trying it earlier!

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Ngan Woh Steamed fish and Sar Kot @ Ipoh

When my dad first tell me that this place served nice steamed fish head for breakfast, I was quite shocked. What? Steamed fish for breakfast??? Fish head somemore?

However, ever since I ate there for the first time, Ngan Woh Coffee Shop at Bercham had become 1 of the few places that I will have my breakfast whenever I am at Ipoh.

The young man here is the main cook.

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Sin Eng Heong Kaya Kok @ Ipoh

After reading much recommendations from Lowyat forum, I decided to give Sin Eng Heong a visit, a place where its famed for it’s Kaya Kok (Kaya Puff). Kaya is the Malay name of coconut jam, where its made from coconut milk and eggs, flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. Hence, Kaya Puff is a puff with coconut jam filling.

I call up and pre-order 1 day before I visit them. This is mainly due to that I heard many people saying that if you walk-in, you will be limited to buy only 5 piece maximum, or you might go back empty-handed if you are unlucky.

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Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken (Nga Choi Gai) @ Ipoh

Bean Sprout Chicken, or better known as Nga Choi Gai in Cantonese is something that everyone will always link it with when someone mentioned Ipoh. It’s actually the same thing with Hainanese Steamed Chicken, just that at Ipoh, it was served with bean sprout, and people usually eat it with koay teow instead of rice.

There are actually 2 restaurant famous for selling Nga Choi Gai at Ipoh, which is Lou Wong and Ong Kee. Both are equally famous, and serve real good Nga Choi Gai. Besides, both restaurant are also located at the same road, just directly opposite each other. I really wonder what lead to both boss operating their business at the same place, snatching customer is fun eh?

I actually wanted to try Lou Wong this time around as for the past few times I always dine at Ong Kee. However, looking at the crowd at Lou Wong, I decided to skip it again as I can’t find an empty table there.

Ong Kee seems to have an advantage over here as they have 2 shops, and they are able to serve more customer. People like me who is OK with both shop will surely went to the one where I no need to stand and wait.

When I was eating there, the person who chopping the chicken is working non stop. I really wonder, how many chicken they sell each day.

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