Tune Hotel @ Hat Yai, Thailand

Been to Danok a few times, and it’s really quite bored at night IF you went with the wrong person……just joking.

Anyway, this time I planned to re-visit back Hat Yai, a town which I never step foot in for the last….er….er… 15 years or so?

Anyway, for this time, I will only blog about Tune Hotel in Hat Yai. I did took quite some numbers of pictures at Hatyai, but they are too messy so I am not going to blog those.

One of the reasons why I choose Tune hotel although they are a bit more expansive than other hotels like Lee Garden is because Tune is VERY new. They only opened around November 2011, which I like.

Anyway, I booked my room through Tune’s Website and pay there, yet I still need to wait for almost 20 minutes when I check in and I am the only customer at the front desk.

As I never stayed in Tune before and I always heard that the room in Tune is super small, hence I am amazed that the size of the room is actually big. And of course, very clean too.

2012.02.04 Tune Hotel @ Hatyai (1 of 7)

Size of the toilet is okay too.

2012.02.04 Tune Hotel @ Hatyai (2 of 7)

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