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Some Rant about deterioration of quality in some restaurant….

Well, I can’t help it but write about this. Man, these days there are way too many restaurants that their quality deteriorate way too fast!

Sigh, I really can’t understand them, to them, they just want to expand, they just want to serve more customer, they just want to sell more, they just want to see their short term profit increase, they just want more publicity.

Man, this is so wrong. If your head ain’t that big, don’t wear such a big cap. If you can’t handle the speed of your car, don’t drive too fast.


Gosh, they are just so many restaurants out there, when they are not famous, or when they just started business, they put their whole heart into cooking the dish that makes customers happy. At that point of time, they want their customers to enjoy their food.

HOWEVER, when soon their reputation spread, and they become more and more famous, they become crazy about sales. The small shop of theirs can’t handle the amount of visiting customers already, hence they expand. The chef unable to handle the orders already, hence they hire people (you know those come from other country la…) to help them in kitchen.

Soon, they become lazy. They just sit on the cashier collecting money. The quality is no more priority, quantity is the main thing now.

Man, this is just so wrong!

Sigh…I am sad. Last time, many good food take years before the quality deteriorate. They only hire people to help them when they are too old. But now? There are few restaurants that serve great food first, but after 1 year, the quality dropped so much already!

There goes my satay, there goes my Thai Laksa at the jetty…..There are no more the same.

So guys and girls, a piece of advice, when you read my blog for food recommendations, please…. please see the date it was posted. If you see it was posted for more than 6 months, chances are the quality of the food already drop. Yes, it’s that fast for some restaurants!

I hope the owner of these places learn…or else one day good food will really really hard to come by.