Cable Car & Sky Bridge @ Langkawi

Today is the day Cow Cow and his girlfriend arrive. I picked them up at the airport at 8.30AM, and they are able to straight away check in at Four Points! Damned!

Trying to go to the cable car as early as possible, we head straight to Oriental Village, thinking that we can find something light to eat there.

End up….only 1 small shop is opened for breakfast. Sigh. Finding a place to eat early in Langkawi is so troublesome. This had spoilt my mood on taking any pictures of Oriental Village, which makes me kinda regret now. 😀

Anyway, the queue to the cable car is long. We waited for almost 1 hour! The ticket of the ride is RM15 per person with Mycard.

During queuing, we noticed a funny incident. A couple decided not to queue anymore since it’s so long. He then proceed to tell the officer that his leg is pain (well, he does have something wrapped on his ankle) and asked can he get to the ride first. Luckily the officer is firm and say no. Unless he is willing to pay RM50 per person for the express ticket, which I saw few person actually bought it. Anyway, when his leg is so damned holy moly pain, I still see he being able to walked happily to the sky bridge later on.

20120408 2012.04.08 Cable Car @ Langkawi

The cable car ride is a short one, and you can see some really nice view of  the island when you are in it. The red buildings in the centre of the pictures are the Oriental Village.

20120408 2012.04.08 Cable Car @ Langkawi-2

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