Wah Meng Coffee Shop Koay Chap @ Penang

Wet market is always a good place to search for good food, and due to the fact that most stalls nearby wet market are not commercialize yet, most of these stalls are able to maintain the quality of their food for a long time.

Being said so, Air Itam wet market is also 1 of the most famous market in Penang, and also 1 of the most crowded one. The crowd here every morning is incredible, and with it located nearby to the entrance of Kek Lok Si temple doesn’t help too.

2010.05.21 Kedai Kopi Wah Meng @ Penang-5

Many times I had heard about the Koay Chap at Air Itam market, and some had said the Koay Chap here are consider 1 of the best in Penang. Like most other , the ingredients include duck meat, coagulated pork blood, egg and innards. Although the ingredients are good, but I am not a huge fan of dark black soup Koay Chap, as I prefer this and this more. 7.0/10

2010.05.21 Kedai Kopi Wah Meng @ Penang-2

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Perak Road Char Kuih Kak @ Penang

Char Koay Kak, to me, is the same to Char Koay Teow as both are fried using the same method – black soy sauce, egg, beansrpout. While most Char Koay Kak does not served with prawns (unless those stated seafood), preserved vegetables are used.

However, most of the time Char Koay Teow will taste better. Reason is Koay Kak come in the form of square pieces instead of flat noodle, and while Koay Kak itself is tasteless like white rice, the person who fry it need to have more skill to ensure each piece of Koay Kak is full with flavor.

Perak Road Char Kuih Kah @ Penang-1

It’s quite hard to find a plate of good Char Koay Kak these days even in Penang. However this uncle who operate this mobile stall at Perak road (near to the morning market at Perak road) whom had been selling Char Koay Kak for years already,  and I must say his Char Koay Kak is quite good.

Perak Road Char Kuih Kah @ Penang-2

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