5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

I used to went down to Kuala Lumpur 2 to 3 times a year after I am back to my home town, but in year 2012, I think I did not ever make a trip down until I noticed that my Starwood vouchers are expiring!

Hence, immediately I make a reservation using my Free room voucher are Westin Kuala Lumpur, and my Buy 1 night free 1 night voucher at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.

Not only that, I still got a bunch of RM200 vouchers to spend!

After meeting up with bear at Pavillion, we head to the newly renamed 5 senses at Westin Kuala Lumpur for our dinner.

The appetizer is indeed, quite appetizing.

2012.08.03 5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur (1 of 14)

The Famous Authentic Traditional Peiking Duck in Two Series (北京鸭) @ RM108, which is very expansive for me and I would not order if I did not have the RM200 voucher. It’s a 2 dish combo, which we will be eating the skin first, and then the meat will be cooked with noodles and served later.

The chef and waiter bring the whole duck beside us, showing us his skills on slicing out the skin of the duck.

2012.08.03 5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur (2 of 14)

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Ped Restaurant @ Dannok

Ped Restaurant, the restaurant that I always visit every time I am here, ever since when I am still in primary school!

A small clean restaurant with air conditioner, located on 1 of the first few valley on your right after walking pass the border.

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok-12

Of course, beer is a must for such a hot day!

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok

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Betty’s Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria Damansara

When I am in Kuala Lumpur, my friend told me that I should go and try a particular restaurant in Aman Suria that served nice pork dishes, and hence, here I am, at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria Damansara.

He also made a reservation since it’s always full on prime time.

Soup of the week @ RM8 came first. While the 2 slice of garlic bread that came with it is nice, but the soup is really forgettable. 5.0/10 

20111208 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-3

Pork in a blanket @ RM12 came next. It’s basically sausage wrapped in bacon. Too bad, it’s way over cooked and it’s very very dry. 4.0/10

At this point, I began to questions my friend……

20111208 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-4

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Wong Kee Restaurant @ Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

While I and LY are walking around from our hotel, I accidentally saw this. Is this not some place where in Hong Kong drama, where they will come here and to have some nice food and drink?!

Hence, since both of us haven’t have our dinner yet, we head straight to it!

20111018 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-94

The menu is full of dishes, and I totally don’t know what to order. Everything is ordered based by instinct. And luckily, no waiter stand besides us, using his mind force to push us to order ASAP. I slowly read around the menu, but still I am being overwhelmed on what to order.

20111018 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-93

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Hong Yu Xuan Xiang La Xie @ Zhuhai, China

As a Chinese, I absolutely love Chinese food. I would love to try all the Chinese food around in China as each places in China, they will have different type of speciality that’s might be totally different from the other.

However, almost 99% of my friend who went to China, they all came back and whine about how sucks the food there is. However, that’s also because 99% of them who went to China, they all follow tour, and as far as I know, if you follow a tour for any trip, the food is usually 99% sucks to the max.

Most Malaysians also complaint that food in China is wayyyy too oily, but you might have to take note that in China, they uses chopsticks and rarely use spoon. They don’t pour the gravy on their rice like what we always do.

And hence, I always have faith for food in China. Luckily, even since the first time I visited Zhuhai, I am in loved with the food here. This particular restaurant – Hong Yu Xuan, which served authentic Szechuan (川菜)is my absolute favourite restaurant when I am in Zhuhai.

Century egg, also being listed as 1 of the most disgusting food by CNN is 1 of the must order appetizer here. I am not a huge fan of century egg back at Malaysia, mainly because we either eat it plain like that, or fried it when eating lor bak.

However, the century egg here are dip with the chilli oil and chillies on top just make this an amazinnnng appetizer. Absolutely perfect! 8.8/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-3

Their steamed grill fish is also 1 of the signature dish here. The fish itself is briefly grilled before it was steamed. It’s a bit spicy and taste a little sweet, but overall, very nice. However, since most of the fish here are grass carb, a freshwater fish with loads of bones, it’s a minor setback.  7.0/10

20111013 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-5

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Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani

There’s always a hidden gem everywhere, and this small little stall, located just outside 1 of the abandoned shopping mall (Billion) in Sungai Petani, is a true gem.

Ok la, it’s not really abandoned, just that instead that it’s a shopping mall with many retail shops in it, there’s only “The Store” departmental store inside. Most of the time it’s quite empty, since peeps in Sungai Petani will go to Tesco (we got 2 tesco here okay?!) or Giant for grocery, and Central Square if they want more. However, during festive seasons, those that hate crowd will come here since most places will be way way too overcrowded.

Well, guess it’s enough talk of shopping mall. This small stall is those that you won’t bother to give it a second look even if you walk past it. It’s only operate during dinner time, and are run by Chinese from China.

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani-11

They do served rice, but you should try their porridge when you are here. Although it’s just plain porridge, but the porridge itself is very damned smooth. Just superb if you eat it along with the main dish! 8.0/10

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani

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Favola @ Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Favola is an Italian restaurant located at level 8 (just by the pool), Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. The ambiance here is great, spacious seating pair with some really comfortable chair and light music, making it a romantic place to dine in.

20110614 Favola @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-5

Before I am here, I had heard that both Prime and Favola served amazing complimentary bread, and yes, it’s true! The bread here is just AMAZING! I don’t really know the names of the dip bar the olive oil with balsamic vinegar. But it’s just just just great!

I and LY almost finish up all the bread before we force ourself to stop, just so that our stomach won’t be full even before our apetizer is served!  10.0/10

20110614 Favola @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-2

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