Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi

After checked in to the room, I and LY have a slight nap, before we were out to enjoy the infinity pool! Although the sun is so damned poison, but the pool is just great.

Anyway, after fooling around, we were out for dinner at Cenang Beach again. Choices of restaurant? Orkid Ria, one of the most visited restaurant by tourist from China.

It was around 7pm and it was already packed, and we were lucky that we don’t need to wait for our seat.

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi

Scallop, just a few tiny piece. Taste good though. 7.2/10

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi-2

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Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi

Continue from Day 1 – Hotel Asia

After finish our bath, I and LY head straight out of the hotel for dinner. We choose Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine at Kuah town. Just after we reached and sat down, it started to rain heavily, which totally messed up our plan to visit the night market.

Since beer is really cheap at Langkawi, I already wallop 1 can of Budweiser while ordering our food.

Kam Heong Crab which tasted not bad. 7.0/10

20120407 2012.04.06 Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi-4

Fried Yau Mak with Fu Yue is above average too. 7.2/10

20120407 2012.04.06 Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine @ Langkawi-5

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Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang

Mega 1 Cafe, a shop by Burma road which is sorta hard to spot, served something sorta rare in Penang – Wine Noodle.

2010.05.01 Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang-5

The design of the shop is very simple, and just few tables available. The same goes to find a parking space here, damned hard to find!

Honey Longan Wintermelon @ RM3.20.

2010.05.01 Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang-1

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Qi Qiong Gai Hon Kee @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

The famous Hon Kee porridge will be my last post of my Petaling Street food hunt trilogy which lead to me missing my bus, which is not my fault at all! Argh!! Transnasional you are gonna lose me as your customer forever!

Back to Hon Kee porridge, I was walking around Petaling Street and see what will be my breakfast, and suddenly I notice, eh…. Hon Kee! I only tried them at Lot 10 Hutong before, and I must say they are quite good. I never know I actually walk past them many times since it’s located diagonally opposite to the Air Mata Kucing stall that I patronize everytime I am there. Sigh……

Hong Kee Porridge @ Kuala Lumpur-4

Since their stall is very small, there isn’t a place for us to sit there. Luckily, they did set up quite a number of tables directly in front of Hong Leong Bank, and luckily it’s Sunday and the bank is closed. The porridge here is as smooth and nice as their branch in Lot 10, a good breakfast to start the day!

Hong Kee Porridge @ Kuala Lumpur-1

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Restaurant Kolam Ikan @ Kulim

Restaurant Kolam Air, a not so hidden gem (as it was visited by Ah Xian before) was located in a small town in Kulim, Kedah. It was originally build to breed fresh water fish, and slowly evolve to a small restaurant which had attract huge amount of eaters everyday.

I absolutely love this place as it was far away from town, and gives 1 some very good feel, the kampung (village) feel.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-1

Happily swimming fish waiting to be catch and cooked and eated.

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-2

The small atap house there is where the place where you going to dine in. The place is quite small with only 10 tables available, and even the land is not cement!

restaurant kolam air @ kulim-3

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Ghee Seng Tom Yam @ Penang

Ghee Seng Tom Yam at Lebuhraya Raya Merdeka is just so close to my house in Penang, and I always saw their shinny sign board when I pass by the main road. After reading some food porn by CKLam, Penangtuapui and Criz, I decided to give them a visit by driving my superb Modenas Kriss  120 there.

The shop seems to have a major renovation not too long ago as the interior seems to be very different from what I saw in the internet. I almost thought I went in the wrong shop, but judging from the shop name and the crowd inside, I guess I came to the right place.

Although many people had compliment that the food served at Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood is very fast and which is true, but the food here at Ghee Seng is even faster! Our chair is not even hot but our food is already on our table!

Belacan fried kangkung. It was not over-fried, but taste-wise it’s just  normal. 6.5/10


The Siam Loh Bak here is good stuff. I love the filling as it’s very different from the Chinese style one. The filling is a bit like otak-otak. 7.2/10


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Restaurant Yong Shu @ Sungai Petani

Restaurant Yong Shu, a place where I and my family will patronize at least twice a month ever since year 2002. The reason we love this place so much is due to the price is very reasonable, food is serve fast, and its good!

The really yummy and lemak curry fish head. Love it a lot. Basically every time we order this, we will bottom up the gravy. Awesome! 9.0/10

Steamed egg. The egg is quite smooth but it’s just average at most. 6.5/10

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