Nyonya Breeze @ Penang – Invited Review

Thanks to Criz, I had the chance for my first ever invited review. However, invited review is invited review, and although I doesn’t need to pay for my food, I will still comment about it honestly. And if any of you guys doubt about what I say, I already stated it clearly, this is an invited review, so it’s up to you guys to believe it or not.

Nyonya Breeze at Abu Siti Lane Penang offers authentic Nyonya cuisine, a cuisine which is going to extinct soon since not much people willing to learn and prepare it, simply because the preparation job is very time consuming. However, it’s good that at Nyonya Breeze, their dream is to keep these culinary secrets from becoming another history lesson, hence they are selling authentic Nyonya food for us to enjoy it.

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-101

The design of the shop is simple, and there’s a big board which explain the history of Nyonya food, which one can read it while waiting.

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-102

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