Ah Leng Char Koay Teow @ Penang

Char Koay Teow, when mentioned, everyone will definitely link it to Penang, as here, at Penang served the best in Malaysia. You can simply order any Char Koay Teow from any stall at Penang, and chances of you getting an above average version is high.


However, how is an above average Char Koay Teow going to satisfy us? We simply want the best, and Ah Leng Char Koay Teow at Jalan Dato Keramat is definitely one of the best in Penang!


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Joez Coconut Jelly @ Penang

Coconut jelly is already something quite special and rare, but Joez coconut serve something even more special as the jelly is inside the coconut itself!

I will pick this over any other normal coconut stall that sell fresh coconut water as it was served cold. Besides, this type of coconut is usually sweeter than those big green coconut, hence it make this coconut jelly way more refreshing than the normal one.

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