Kampachi Japanese Restaurant Buffet @ Equatorial Hotel, Penang

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Equatorial Hotel, Penang is definitely 1 of the top top Japanese restaurant in Penang. However, it had been years since I last visit them. Reason is although it’s worth paying, but the price here is still consider higher if compare to those budget Japanese restaurant (No I ain’t talking about Sissy King and Sakai Sushi) that mushroom everywhere in town.

Besides the normal À la carte menu, Kamapchi do offer buffet lunch and dinner during weekends @ RM62++ for lunch, and RM86++ for dinner, which is something very famous among Penangties, leading it to be always full house during weekends.

The main buffet hall and dining hall. I sorta like the design here, very cozy and even when it’s pack with people, you won’t find that it’s too crowded. Yes, you can see most of the table are still empty, but it’s just because those that reserved are still taking their time to come, while me as the hungry ghost is starting to hunt for food already!

2010.03.20 Kampachi Japanese Buffet @ Penang-1

The sushi room, separated from the main hall. It’s quite small, but fit in just nice.

2010.03.20 Kampachi Japanese Buffet @ Penang-3

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