Lang Sae Lee Thai Food @ Penang – Part 2

Well, I never split my review of a restaurant into parts no matter how long is it, but why I did it this time? Well, in fact I visit them back to back in 2 days, and with totally different dish ordered, I split it.

This time, I ordered something highly recommended by everyone, the awesome Siam Laksa. 9.7/10

The Siam Laksa is cooked separately at a small stall outside the house. It’s really something you should try if you are here. It’s really lemak and full with fish flake. Just awesome, even for someone like me who is not a fan of the Siam version of laksa  at all still love it very very much.

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Lang Sae Lee Thai Food @ Penang – Part 1

Lang Sae Lee, reviewed by CKlam, penangtuapui and Lingzie all at almost the same time. The thing that really attracts me is the environment, totally not commercialize, old style just build on the sea, just awesome!

Yes, you are dining just outside the chef house, with only few tables available.

The narrow wooden road that lead to Lang Sae Lee.

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