Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur

I am not a fan of Pan Mee in the past, especially the soup based one. Reasons is usually the soup taste is not to my liking, and the noodle is too hard.

However, once forced to have Chili Pan Mee, which is the dried version 3 years back at a place I forgotten, neither did I remember the shop name. I only remember that it’s quite good, and the shop is full of people. Ever since, I started to eat Pan Mee, but only the dried version, and MUST be spicy.

Then only after some time, I only know that Chili Pan Mee is one of the most famous food in Kuala Lumpur, with 2 of the most famous one are Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee and Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee.

I chose Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee due to I had read way too many bad reviews in terms of service by Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee. Only when I am here, I only noticed that their fierce and infamous rival – Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee are just opposite of them.

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur-7

As always, my timing for hunting food is usually perfect. Both Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee and Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee are super empty when I am here, around 10AM ++. Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee got 1 customer while Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee got 0 customers.

I can fully understand that someone who are working in Kuala Lumpur who has fixed lunch hour to dine here and join the crowd, but I absolutely don’t understand those who have flexible lunch hour, why must you come during their peak period, and then only complain about slow and bad service? 😀

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur-3

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Jalan Sg. Pinang Honda Showroom Hawker @ Penang

Jalan Sungai Pinang is a street full with car’s showroom. Here, you can find Cheverlot, Volvo, Honda, Mazda, Proton and a few more.

I rarely pass by this street in the morning, unless I am bringing my car for service, and every time I pass by this street, I will be curious, what is so famous here that it’s so crowded?

20110506 Sg. Pinang Honda Showroom Hawker Stalls @ Penang-10

Choices are not exactly that much, well since it’s just a few hawker store, I opt for the Herbal Duck Mee Shua @ RM5, and mang, it’s amazing.

I usually won’t order herbal duck noodle as my choice of food, as to me, most of the soup is basically tasteless, and only the duck itself is nice. But, this, the soup is absolutely rich in flavor, and the mee shua texture is superb too! I basically bottoms up the whole bowl of soup! 8.4/10

20110506 Sg. Pinang Honda Showroom Hawker Stalls @ Penang-4

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Soul Kitchen @ Penang

Already falling in love with Soul Kitchen after I had my breakfast there, here am I again. This time, for lunch.

For starter, we have Tomato Soup @ RM8 served with organic bread. The soup is quite good but I do hope it’s cooked much more thicker. 6.4/10

20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-4

Our freshly baked Pizza Parma Ham @ RM20, which is the thin crust style pizza which I like. However, it’s not really rich in flavour and I would very much appreciate if more cheese were used 😀

Besides, as I am not a huge fan of the salty Parma Ham and the bitter rocket, I don’t enjoy it much. 6.0/10
20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-6

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Dim Sum Buffet @ EEST, Westin Kuala Lumpur

When I sign up for my Starwood Privilege card, I was told that the EEST Dim Sum Brunch is very very good. Hence, for my free dining for 2 voucher in Westin Kuala Lumpur, I decided to use it at EEST. EEST is initially a Halal Restaurant if not mistaken as I was told that they recently just change to a non-Halal restaurant.

20110320 EEST @ Westin Kuala Lumpur-28

Yet another restaurant with it’s open kitchen concept.

20110320 EEST @ Westin Kuala Lumpur-5

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Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Almost on every of my trip down to Kuala Lumpur, I will definitely stopped by at Ipoh for breakfast. Breakfast in Ipoh are just so wonderful, with so many choice of great food, how I wish my stomach can fill in more stuff. However, one thing for sure, I will never stopped by Ipoh for lunch since I don’t know where to go. :p

The new Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant which is located very near to it’s old outlet.

20110319 Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh-19

However, although choices are there, but it seems that those famous one will always and always be full on customers any day. Most of the time you will be fighting for a place to sit if you arrive any time between 7.45 AM and 10 Am.

Fried shrimp roll with mayonnaise, normal like what served in any other Dim Sum restaurant. 7.0/10

20110319 Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh-3

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Soul Kitchen @ Penang

Located at Lebuh Muntri @ Penang, Soul Kitchen is a very unique and special place to dine here in Penang. Why so?

Well, first of all, it’s a small family business, operate by the couple Michele and Tonio. The building is already quite a history itself  and is part of the heritage pre-war building.

Besides, rather than serving the traditional local Chinese/Malay/Indian hawker food you can find all around in Penang, it served Italian food instead.

My beautiful Cappuccino @ RM5.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-4

And LY’s freshly squeeze and flavourful Orange Juice @ RM5. Price might a bit steep you might say as we are not dining in a air-conditioned restaurant, but the orange juice is pure and good, unlike those you get in normal coffee shop where you taste water and sugar syrup more rather than orange.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-6

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La Bodega @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Unlike most people who are happy with French Fries or fried chicken wing when drinking, I am not. I always hate it when the bar I went served mediocre to lousy food, or those with limited choice and expansive. While those that served good food the choice of beer will be limited or expansive.

Luckily, La Bodega is the saviour,  unluckily the nearest La Bodega is like 400km far from my house. Sigh…..

The thing I love about La Bodega is the wide choice of finger food aka Tapas, which is inexpensive and in good quality. The choices of wine, cocktail and beer is amazing too.

20101226 La Bogeda @ Kuala Lumpur-7

For the starters, I and LY opt for the Mediterranean Style Seafood Soup @ RM26 which is quite appetizing, prepare our stomach for the upcoming dish. 8.0/10

20101226 La Bogeda @ Kuala Lumpur-12

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