Waterview Restaurant @ Dannok

Waterview restaurant at Danok is one of the most visited restaurant in Danok, because it’s special. How special? You will know soon.

Anyway, the restaurant is located quite outside from the main town. The road lead to there is very small, hence I do advice one to go there when the sun is still out.

Since I am not driving myself in, I go there using the hotel taxi. Which cost me RM30 for a round trip. It’s just a short trip by the way, which takes around 15minutes each journey, but since we are sitting the huge VIP style van, I think the price is pretty ok.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-29

The small lane to the dining area.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-2

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Annathai Kitchen Thai Economy Rice @ Penang

Economy rice is found everywhere, as it’s to cater people who just want to grab a fast lunch or maybe dinner, and most importantly, not paying too much on it. It’s sorta Malaysian version of fast food, as in fast fast food. Hence, most economy rice stall are found in normal coffee shop only, without bother much about the place of dining.

However, Annathai Kitchen at Pulau Tikus, Penang is doing something different. Not only it’s located inside a house which give you some small little cafe style feeling when you are inside, it also serve Thai food instead of the normal Chinese food we found in most economy rice stall.

20100807 Annathai Kitchen @ Penang-25

Due to LY is a Siam Laksa freak, and as long as it’s on the menu, she will order it. And yes, although Annathai Kitchen is selling economy rice, they do have a small menu for few other Thai dishes that you can order.

The Siam laksa here come with a very different setting from what you usually get when you order a bowl of noodle.Yea, we have to mix all the ingredients including the noodles ourself, and the only reasons I see them doing this is they can speed up their preparation time only. However, this had certainly lead to the noodles and ingredients are not hot enough when served, especially the soup is not piping hot too.

However, the Siam Laksa here is still good. It only cost RM3 but it taste really really good. LY even say that this is her favorite now as it taste much more better than the one at Tan Jetty.

I beg to differ though. Besides, although the first time we ate it was awesome, and when we return here after 2 weeks, the standard drop a lot. Consistency is very important for anyone in F&B business, and if you can’t freaking maintain your standard it’s a fail. All of us were disappointed one our 2nd trip and surely I will come back again once soon to see what happened in the next trip. (8.5 for 1st trip, 6.8 for 2nd trip)

20100807 Annathai Kitchen @ Penang

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Rung Reang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra

Jitra, the 4th largest town in Kedah after Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Kulim do have few famous restaurant selling Thai food, and due to the close proximity to the Thai border, the Thai food served is authentic and good.

One of the most famous restaurant is Rung Reang, a restaurant even known by few of my friends from Kuala Lumpur.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-3

The crowd here is amazing. We reach there around at 9 PM, and almost all table were full. We were also told that we need to wait quite long for our food.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-2

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Seow Fong Lye Cofee Shop Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang

Chee Cheong Fun or rice noodle roll, all the while were being neglected by non-Penangtie. Well, can’t blame them since Char Koay Teow, Asam Laksa, Penang Hokkien Mee are too famous already.

2010.05.15 Seow Fong Lye Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang-1

Penang’s version of Chee Cheong Fun uses shrimp paste ( or known as hae koh ) which is black, but taste sweet. Mix it with some chili sauce and you to enjoy. The Chee Cheong Fun here at Seow Fong Lye coffee shop is especially good. The noodle roll itself is very very smooth and soft, and taste quite different (but good) from what you get to eat at other stall. 8.5/10

2010.05.15 Seow Fong Lye Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang-2

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Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani

Since Kedah is located by the border of Malaysia and Thailand, and since it’s only 2 hours ++ of driving from Sungai Petani to the border, there are loads of Thai people who had stay in Malaysia permanently and are setting up restaurants selling Thai food, which is good for me since I love hot spicy and sour food! However, not all Thai people are good in cooking Thai food (just as many Malaysians don’t know how to cook), and luckily, there are a few restaurant here that serve some nice Thai food.

The owner of this stall actually shifted few place when they just started business, and finally they had settle down here at Restaurant 398 at Taman Intan for some time. I still love their Thai style steamed fish here. They use charcoal to make sure the soup of the fish is always hot. You can also always ask for extra soup if you wish, as that’s what I do all the time, as I absolutely love it. Thanks to the chef choosing not to skip the ingredients, the soup is wonderful, hot spicy and sour enough, although there’s sometime I wish it was even more spicy. Besides, they do have white cabbage under the fish, which is really nice. 8.0/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-1

Besides the fish, the otak-otak here is something I love too. Again, thai style otak-otak is totally different from Malaysia version one, as they use more seafood to cook it instead of fish only. Thai style otak-otak usually have prawns, squid, fried fish and sometimes even crab meat inside. Marvelous! I actually love the otak-otak itself more rather than all the seafood in it. 8.3/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-4

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Lam Hong Thai Style Chicken Rice @ Penang

Chicken rice is a common sight in Malaysia, but Thai Style Chicken rice is something different. On one sight, the stall looks like just another chicken stall, but 1 might notice, eh, why is there some Thai Language on the signboard?

2010.03.20 Lam Hong Thai Chicken Rice @ Penang-7

Well, when served, it also looks like just another plate of Chicken rice, with a choice of roasted chicken or steamed chicken.

2010.03.20 Lam Hong Thai Chicken Rice @ Penang-3

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