Weld Quay Ai Yu Bing @ Penang

Ai yu bing, or Aiyu Jelly (愛玉冰) is a type of jelly made from a type of fruit origin from Taiwan. The fruit is usually put under the hot sun until it was dried up. It was then rubbed until it become jelly form and become Aiyu Jelly. The jelly was then mix with ice and lemon to become the well known Ai Yu Bing.

Weld Quay Ai Yu Bing @ Penang-1

Since Ai Yu Bing is very refreshing, and with lemon in it, having a bowl of Ai Yu Bing in an extremely hot day is really great!

Weld Quay Ai Yu Bing @ Penang-2

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Lang Sae Lee Thai Food @ Penang – Part 1

Lang Sae Lee, reviewed by CKlam, penangtuapui and Lingzie all at almost the same time. The thing that really attracts me is the environment, totally not commercialize, old style just build on the sea, just awesome!

Yes, you are dining just outside the chef house, with only few tables available.

The narrow wooden road that lead to Lang Sae Lee.

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Tuai Pui Curry Mee @ Penang

Tua Pui Curry Mee, located just by the road side of Pengkalan Weld in Penang, serve good curry mee. Their curry mee is special as you can “kah liu”, add in extra stuff as you want, of course by paying more.

As you can see, it’s just a small stall, and have a few tables behind it only. It’s not exactly super famous in Penang, as many people seems don’t know about this place yet. However, do notice the bowl on the left side of the stall, those are curry prawns, curry squid, curry chicken that you can add into your mee. Just wonderful.

Although you can sit just behind the stall, and although the tables are under a big tree, but it’s just too hot for us. So we decide to sit in house, well, as in inside the house of the stall owner. It’s really much much cooler, and also give you an idea of how those old style house look like.

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Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant @ Penang

Tree shade seafood restaurant (dua chiu kar), located just opposite the Jetty, when mentioned, everyone who patronize it before will say 1 thing, the food served is fast, as in extremely fast.

Besides, many also comment that the seafood here is fresh and with reasonable pricing. The restaurant might look very old already, but the choice of seafood here is really a lot for its type.

Another thing is, once you make 1 of your order, the person will straight away tell the cook to prepare for it. They do not operate like other restaurant when they only prepare it once you finish your order, hence it’s fast huh?

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