Perak Road Bak Zhang @ Penang

Bak Zhang is a traditional Chinese food that is traditionally eaten during the dragon boat festival (5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calender). However, a Bak Zhang good can always be my breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and even supper!

Bak Zhang is always made of glutinous rice, with fillings such as Chinese sausage, Char Siew, salted pork, shrimps and etc. Yes, it’s all about meat man! Hence the reason why I love it so much!

2010.03.19 Perak Road Bak Zhang @ Penang-1

Notice something different from this Bak Zhang compare to those normal one?

2010.03.19 Perak Road Bak Zhang @ Penang-2

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Perak Road Nasi Lemak @ Penang

After the Petaling Street trilogy, it’s time for a Penang trilogy, hence here the third post of food in Perak Road wet market. This time, the Nasi Lemak I am introducing is something I first ate when I was still in kindergarten, but then it’s been years, since I last pay them a visit.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-1

The special  yellow curry chicken here is the single thing I miss most for the past 10 years. I always wanted to come back for this, but since my house was an hour far from where it was (in the past la), which means I need to wake up really early for it had stopped me to do so. The pain in the ass in finding a car park does not helps too.

However, the lovely curry still always appear in my mind. It’s very different from normal curry as it’s more towards sweet rather than spicy, but I just love it. Ever since my grandparents introduce this place to me 10++ years ago, I had become 1 of their most loyal customer, and every time I am here, I will surely take as many pieces of chicken as I can and go back happily.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-2

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Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang

When talk about Hokkien Mee in Penang, rarely people will know about this stall at Perak Road wet market. However, as low profile as this stall is, as not so popular compare to others it can be, it doesn’t stop the crowd (especially those stay in Perak Road) to patronize this stall. This only prove 1 fact, the Hokkien Mee here is good!

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-1

The soup of the mee here is very good, full with prawns flavor. Although the ingredients given is much lesser than others (you are getting a bowl of classic and traditional Hokkien Mee, so no, you can’t add roasted pork or whatever others in it), and the prawns given is also much lesser, but all these does not stop the soup to taste wonderful. At only RM2.30 it’s very cheap. 8.0/10

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-2

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Perak Road Char Kuih Kak @ Penang

Char Koay Kak, to me, is the same to Char Koay Teow as both are fried using the same method – black soy sauce, egg, beansrpout. While most Char Koay Kak does not served with prawns (unless those stated seafood), preserved vegetables are used.

However, most of the time Char Koay Teow will taste better. Reason is Koay Kak come in the form of square pieces instead of flat noodle, and while Koay Kak itself is tasteless like white rice, the person who fry it need to have more skill to ensure each piece of Koay Kak is full with flavor.

Perak Road Char Kuih Kah @ Penang-1

It’s quite hard to find a plate of good Char Koay Kak these days even in Penang. However this uncle who operate this mobile stall at Perak road (near to the morning market at Perak road) whom had been selling Char Koay Kak for years already,¬† and I must say his Char Koay Kak is quite good.

Perak Road Char Kuih Kah @ Penang-2

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