Qi Qiong Gai Hon Kee @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

The famous Hon Kee porridge will be my last post of my Petaling Street food hunt trilogy which lead to me missing my bus, which is not my fault at all! Argh!! Transnasional you are gonna lose me as your customer forever!

Back to Hon Kee porridge, I was walking around Petaling Street and see what will be my breakfast, and suddenly I notice, eh…. Hon Kee! I only tried them at Lot 10 Hutong before, and I must say they are quite good. I never know I actually walk past them many times since it’s located diagonally opposite to the Air Mata Kucing stall that I patronize everytime I am there. Sigh……

Hong Kee Porridge @ Kuala Lumpur-4

Since their stall is very small, there isn’t a place for us to sit there. Luckily, they did set up quite a number of tables directly in front of Hong Leong Bank, and luckily it’s Sunday and the bank is closed. The porridge here is as smooth and nice as their branch in Lot 10, a good breakfast to start the day!

Hong Kee Porridge @ Kuala Lumpur-1

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Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee and Air Mata Kucing @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

While waiting for my salted duck to be ready, I walk around Petaling Street, hunting for more food to be eated in the bus for my trip back to Sungai Petani. Finally I settle down on the Muar Chee stall just beside the salted duck stall.

I am actually attracted by all the newspaper report on the stall, seems to be highly recommended, and the yellow signboard saying “Ma Chi Very Good” also makes me want to get something from the aunty too. Seems like I am easily cheated by advertisement huh?

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-1

This is also the first time I saw Muar Chee got so many different flavor, but in the end we settle for the original flavor, which cost us Rm5, the most expansive Muar Chee I ever ate before!

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-2

Chop chop chop…. and I think I am one of those waiting to be chopped too, but why? Read on…..

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-3

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Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Petaling Street,Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street, a place I always tend to avoid especially during night time. I really hate this place as it’s always crowded and always got people buggering me to buy things from them, sigh.I however visited this place during early April while waiting my bus to depart at Puduraya, in fact the next few post will be foods in Petaling Street.

During my venture here, I had bump into this small stall, and was really interested by the stall name – Sze Ngan Chye (four eyed guy in English, also refer to someone who wear spectacles), but I did not notice anyone working there wearing spectacles though, hm….

Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Kuala Lumpur-1

By the way, they are not selling the normal roasted duck, instead they are selling salted duck! Well, salted chicken I heard before la, and I especially love those from Ipoh, which is just plain awesome. Well, after some reading, I only read from the sign board there that stated they are the only shop selling it, without any branch elsewhere, no wonder I never saw it at other place la.

I decided to give them a try too since I miss the salted chicken from Ipoh. Well, I know both is different thing la, 1 is chicken 1 is duck, 1 is steamed 1 is roasted, but I want to try ma, just need some excuse. :p

Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Kuala Lumpur-2

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