Sentosa Corner Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Yam rice is definitely 1 of the signature dish of mainland Penang, simply because there are few stalls here that sells really really good yam rice.

2010.04.28 Sri Sentosa Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam-1

The yam rice in Penang is quite different from others part of Malaysia as it’s almost always served with salted vegetables pork soup, hence the soup taste sourish and very appetizing! The ingredients used is mostly pork, from the innards such as blood, liver, intestine to something more normal such as pork balls, lean meat and 3 layer meat.Of course, you can always customize the ingredients by telling them what you want, and what you don’t want. 7.0/10

2010.04.28 Sri Sentosa Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam-3

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Brother Yat Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

Ever since I saw Vkeong review about Brother Yat, I always wanted to try it! Simply because of its sauna live prawns!

Live? Sauna? What the heck? Read on 😀

Brother Yat Restaurant is located at Subang Jaya, behind Mydin and Giant there. Although that area is an industry area, but it seems that there are a few restaurant that serves really nice food. I had eaten once there before when I am still working at Selangor last year, and its good (although I had forgotten the name of the restaurant).

Anyway, back to Brother Yat. The fish tanks at the entrance seems is there for show only, as most of the tanks are empty, but I am not here for fish, so its OK for me 😀

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