Homecook: Salted Egg Bitter Gourd

Other than going out to hunt for good food in the weekends, sometimes I will cook myself too. Sometimes I learn from Recipe book, while sometimes I learn from my mum or friends.

Hence here I present you – Salted Egg Bitter Gourd. Yeah, WTF right? I guess many haven’t hear of this dish before, and I only ate it once outside, which is at a small restaurant in Kajang.

Main Ingredients needed:

3 Salted Egg (only the egg yolk)

Bitter Gourd (I only use half) and cut them into small pieces

Curry Leaf

20101104 Cook at Home-6

Other Ingredients:

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Salt – a little bit

Pepper – a little bit

Planta – 1.5 table spoon

Evaporated milk – 1/4 Cup

20101104 Cook at Home-2

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Magazine Road Teochew Porridge @ Penang

What is the best way to fill up your stomach? Seating? Standing? No, both are WRONG! The best way should be squatting! Squatting and eat is just like how you are doing big business every morning if your house don’t have a seated toilet bowl! Why is this the best way? Because everything you fill in, will direct come out from the hole down there, and you will store 0% fat, and you will be healthy, just kidding.

Well, I was always attracted to this place due to it super unique seating style, squatting on a small piece of bangku (stool) while eating. I always wonder why the hell will people want to eat like this when they can seat properly.Besides, although I never seat there when I am eating there, I find that you need skills to squat and eat. The stool ain’t big and if you stacked it up, you might just fall down if you can’t balance yourself properly.

My mum do told me that this place is frequently visited by trishaw (tricycle) fellows as the Teochew style porridge served here is good and most importantly, Cheap!

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-8

It’s amazing how they are able to cook so many dishes in such a small and basic kitchen.

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-7

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