Homecook: Spicy Pork with salted vegetable

If there is 1 dish that I enjoy eating it over and over again, and can cook 1 big pot to be eated for meals, then it’s definitely this – Spicy Pork with salted vegetable.

It’s a simple dish to cook and prepare, with the main ingredients as below:

i) 3 layer pork sliced to small pieces

ii) Roasted Pork sliced to small pieces

iii) Beancurd sliced to small cube

iv )Salted Vegetable cut to small pieces

Things to take note:

a) There are 2 types of salted vegetables in the market. Choose the type as shown in the picture below.

b) You need to wash the salted vegetables thoroughly, as it’s quite dirty when bought. You will need to soak the salted vegetables into water for at least 20 minutes to ensure it won’t be too salty.

c)  Roasted pork are used to enhance the taste of the dish. You can just use 3 layer pork to substitute it.

d)  The proportion of the main ingredients is totally up to you. You can always choose to have more vegetables and less meat, or more beancurd. It’s totally up to your choice. There ain’t any golden rule to it.

e)  DO NOT add salt when cooking since the salted vegetables is already salty enough.

20101104 Cook at Home-10

You will also need:

i) ginger – 1 big piece

ii) chili paste – 1 packet which cost around RM1

iii) thick soy sauce – 2 table spoon

iv) rock sugar – 1 piece

v) oil (not in picture)

20101104 Cook at Home-13

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Magazine Road Teochew Porridge @ Penang

What is the best way to fill up your stomach? Seating? Standing? No, both are WRONG! The best way should be squatting! Squatting and eat is just like how you are doing big business every morning if your house don’t have a seated toilet bowl! Why is this the best way? Because everything you fill in, will direct come out from the hole down there, and you will store 0% fat, and you will be healthy, just kidding.

Well, I was always attracted to this place due to it super unique seating style, squatting on a small piece of bangku (stool) while eating. I always wonder why the hell will people want to eat like this when they can seat properly.Besides, although I never seat there when I am eating there, I find that you need skills to squat and eat. The stool ain’t big and if you stacked it up, you might just fall down if you can’t balance yourself properly.

My mum do told me that this place is frequently visited by trishaw (tricycle) fellows as the Teochew style porridge served here is good and most importantly, Cheap!

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-8

It’s amazing how they are able to cook so many dishes in such a small and basic kitchen.

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-7

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