5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

I used to went down to Kuala Lumpur 2 to 3 times a year after I am back to my home town, but in year 2012, I think I did not ever make a trip down until I noticed that my Starwood vouchers are expiring!

Hence, immediately I make a reservation using my Free room voucher are Westin Kuala Lumpur, and my Buy 1 night free 1 night voucher at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.

Not only that, I still got a bunch of RM200 vouchers to spend!

After meeting up with bear at Pavillion, we head to the newly renamed 5 senses at Westin Kuala Lumpur for our dinner.

The appetizer is indeed, quite appetizing.

2012.08.03 5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur (1 of 14)

The Famous Authentic Traditional Peiking Duck in Two Series (北京鸭) @ RM108, which is very expansive for me and I would not order if I did not have the RM200 voucher. It’s a 2 dish combo, which we will be eating the skin first, and then the meat will be cooked with noodles and served later.

The chef and waiter bring the whole duck beside us, showing us his skills on slicing out the skin of the duck.

2012.08.03 5enses @ Westin Kuala Lumpur (2 of 14)

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Four Points by Sheraton @ Langkawi

After lunch and top up my alcohol stock at a nearby duty free shop, we head straight to Four Points by Sheraton to check in.

The hotel dos look promising from outside.

20120407 2012.04.07 Four Points By Sheraton @ Langkawi

However, the spacious and empty lobby does look depressing. We arrived at 2.30PM and was told that our room was not yet ready. Well, okay, I might as well take some pictures around first.

In less than 10 minutes, the room is ready….yay!

20120407 2012.04.07 Four Points By Sheraton @ Langkawi-2

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Westin @ Kuala Lumpur

Westin Kuala Lumpur is the first Starwood brand hotel I stayed in Malaysia, which was like almost 2 years back, but yet I only take photos of it during my last Kuala Lumpur trip during December 2011.

Service is still good, check in is still fast and although my stay was kinda messed up due to their poor front desk for not checking my reservation properly, but since it’s past so long, I am lazy to talk about it here. Those interested can go find my complaints at Trip Advisor. 😀

Since this room is the Premium room, which is actually the same as their normal room, just that it have a nicer view aka facing Pavilion. Which is good too so that I can check out the traffic in Jalan Bukit Bintang is bad or not before I go and get my car.

Oh and as usual, the bed is nice, and you still need to pay for the internet. That’s what my tethering for.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip

The bath room is quite big.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-3

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Royal Club Room Le’ Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

Although my last stay here at Le’ Meridien ain’t that pleasant, and I had preferred it as the 3rd out of the 3 Starwood Brand Hotel in Kuala Lumur last time, I decided to stay here again.

The reason is simple. Since I am here for my friend wedding again, and since I have the Buy 1 night Free 1 night voucher here which is only valid for the Royal Club room, I decided to stay here since I am only staying here for 2 nights this time.

And now, this is a great room. Space wise, it ain’t much different from their normal room, just slightly bigger.

20110916 2011.09.18 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

However, it does provide bigger LCD TV, and also a BOSE ipod dock. Besides, the Royal Club Room also provide free Broadband internet, which is good.

20110916 2011.09.18 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur-7

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Le’ Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

It’s my friend’s wedding, hence here am I again at Kuala Lumpur, my lovely town, besides the jam.

This time, again using my vouchers, my choice of stay is Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur. It’s located at KL sentral, and used to be 1 of the best place to stay in Kuala Lumpur since it’s the hub of public transport, and amazing view around the metropolis. In such a short distance, you can get access to LRT and KTM which brings you to most part of Kuala Lumpur. By walking a little bit more, you can get access to Monorail which brings you to the centre of Kuala Lumpur including the golden triangle.

HOWEVER, due to the ABSOLUTELY STUPID USELESS town planning, they decided to build a HUGE STUPID CIMB building right in the middle of KL sentral and the monorail station.

Now, because of this STUPID building being built, it easily triples the walking distance from the hotel to the Monorail station, which mean now it cost more (either time or money if you decide to take a cab instead) to reach shopping heaven Bukit Bintang! Besides, it totally block the perfect view from the hotel rooms!

You build a transportation hub and now you destroy it????? How can you be so STUPID?!

End of rant……

Checking in is fast, although the air conditioner at the lobby seems faulty at that point as I actually sweat a bit when I was there. And unlike at Sheraton Imperial, the parking only cost RM5 per day with unlimited entries and exits.

The room is smaller than expected, and on a serious note, seriously (again) do you think this is a 5 star hotel if I din’t told you?

Oh ya, my room face directly to that STUPID building, luckily I couldn’t hear a damned sound from the construction of it.

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

The bed is just okay, but I am missing my heavenly bed already…….

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur-2

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Qba Latin Grill & Bar @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

Okay, as per my one of my previous post, where I am hugely disappointed on the steak served, I decided, I should try another steak house during my short stay in Kuala Lumpur! My choice? Qba Latin Bar & Grill @ Westin.

It’s Monday, and being a weekday, the restaurant located underground of Westin Kuala Lumpur is sorta empty.

Being served first is the bread, but no way the standard is near to Prime @ Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur. The bread is to go with olive oil, which is quite bland in terms of taste, hence just a bite of it, I gave up (just like in almost all other places that served free bread before my food).

Maybe that’s just because I hate most bread unless it was reallllly delicious, but well…

20110322 Qba @ Westin Kuala Lumpur-4

The waiter is a friendly one, and for appetizer, we get the Hokkaido Scallops and Western King Prawns with Romesco Sauce @ RM38. Well, I must say the Romesco Sauce is actually very unique and I like it very much. However, something I can’t accept is, for such a restaurant, the prawns served ain’t fresh at all! The prawns is soggy and does not have the sweet seafood taste that it should have. The scallop itself was okay though. 6.0/10 (the score will be much much higher if the prawns are fresh)

20110322 Qba @ Westin Kuala Lumpur-9

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Sheraton Imperial @ Kuala Lumpur

My yet another leisure trip to Kuala Lumpur, it seems to me that whenever I want a short holiday, I will go to Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a gateway for me.

HUH? Kuala Lumpur trip as gateway? Yes at least for me LOL.

Maybe the reasons my hometown is too small and too boring already, and since I stay in Sunway for 4 years during my college and uni years, till now I still miss my life there.

This time, my pick of stay will be Sheraton Imperial at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Using the vouchers I got when I bought my Starwood Privilege Card, it only cost me RM330 nett per night.

Like all other Starwood hotels, service is great. Check in is super fast too, and I am able to check in at around 10.20 AM.

Room is big, bed is nice, the only complaint is I my room is not facing KLCC.

20110319 Sheraton Imperial @ Kuala Lumpur-2

The spacious changing room and wardrobe.

20110319 Sheraton Imperial @ Kuala Lumpur-3

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