First Famous Restaurant Duck Rice @ Penang

First famous restaurant? No.1 famous restaurant? Most famous restaurant? Whatever your name can be, but if your food is bad, also useless, but, this is a feast! I love it the way they put all the things I order into 1 plate, roasted pork, roasted duck, steamed chicken, Chinese sausage, all arrange nicely, simply just nice!

First Famous Restaurant Duck Rice @ Penang-1

I ain’t cheat ya, the name of the restaurant is really Restaurant First Famous Federal, and located at Lorong Susu, what a good name for a road.

First Famous Restaurant Duck Rice @ Penang-10

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Cintra Street Porridge @ Penang

After lurking at What2seeonline, I decided to head to Cintra Street 1 fine night. Just when we reach there, the whole road was dark with only 1 stall with lights on, which was my target stall.

You can opt to sit inside the coffee shop behind or opposite the stall, but we opt to sit at the single only table available beside the stall as I notice both coffee shop is going to close soon (it was around 10.30pm that time).

The small stall only had chicken and fish porridge, along with steamed chicken for the extra kick. The steamed chicken here is good stuff. The skin is smooth, meat is tender, and taste dammed nice! Besides, adding the gravy to the porridge will really enhance it to the max, awesommmme! 8.3/10

cinta street fish porridge @ Penang-4

The chicken fish porridge (yee sang kai chuk) here is good. The porridge is smooth and thick, and with good amount of sesame oil on top, it taste awesome!!  8.8/10

cinta street fish porridge @ Penang-2

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Green House Hokkien Mee @ Penang

Green house Hokkien Mee, located at Burmah road, was regarded as one of the best Hokkien Mee by many Penangties. One of the specialty here is you can opt for many extra ingredients such as “pai kuat“, roasted pork and many others, which makes the Hokkien Mee more yuummy.

Not only the coffee shop was named Green House, but the Hokkien Mee stall is also in bright green color. However, to me, this bowl of Hokkien Mee is really so so only, really nothing to shout about despite it’s fame. However, can’t deny that the roasted pork here is good. 6.0/10

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Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken (Nga Choi Gai) @ Ipoh

Bean Sprout Chicken, or better known as Nga Choi Gai in Cantonese is something that everyone will always link it with when someone mentioned Ipoh. It’s actually the same thing with Hainanese Steamed Chicken, just that at Ipoh, it was served with bean sprout, and people usually eat it with koay teow instead of rice.

There are actually 2 restaurant famous for selling Nga Choi Gai at Ipoh, which is Lou Wong and Ong Kee. Both are equally famous, and serve real good Nga Choi Gai. Besides, both restaurant are also located at the same road, just directly opposite each other. I really wonder what lead to both boss operating their business at the same place, snatching customer is fun eh?

I actually wanted to try Lou Wong this time around as for the past few times I always dine at Ong Kee. However, looking at the crowd at Lou Wong, I decided to skip it again as I can’t find an empty table there.

Ong Kee seems to have an advantage over here as they have 2 shops, and they are able to serve more customer. People like me who is OK with both shop will surely went to the one where I no need to stand and wait.

When I was eating there, the person who chopping the chicken is working non stop. I really wonder, how many chicken they sell each day.

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