Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi

I had heard a lot about sunset cruise before I went to Langkawi, and I had read quite a lot and most of their websites make me WOW.

However, joining this cruise as a couple only might not be as fun hence it’s really a hard decision for me to join or not since this 3 hour activity is not cheap. It cost RM250 per person so yea…hard decisions to made eh.

Luckily, cow cow decided to join us in Langkawi, and since he is also interested in this sunset cruise, here we are!

The cruise started at 5PM, but they already starting to pick up guest as early as 4PM. The van driver arrived at our hotel at 4.15PM sharp, and took us to Awana Porto Malai.

And no, this boat is NOT the one we are going to spend 3 hours on. It’s just to transport us to the yacht.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi

No shoes on board, so please keep your Jimmy Choo at hotel yea?

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-2

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